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Bathroom Designs

How can a house be complete without a good quality bathroom to ease your mind and relax you from the outside world.
Modern Designs
I think we all have seen a bathroom that made us go ..WOW.. that design is splendid.
We are one of the people responsible for designs to bring awe to your visitors, either in your house, restaurant or store.

The bathroom is the only time that you're completely alone with your thoughts, so choose a comfy enviroment

Any Design you want
We like challenges and new ideas for sufficent designs, like the one on the left it's a little different from usual bathrooms but it's very space saving and interesting in look

Tropical Open View Bathroom
This is one of my personal favorites, the bathroom is as relaxing as a it can be.
Open view, large space was created for a mansion in LA but it can be a perfect fit for luxurious cabins as well in the woods.
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