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A client approached us with a temple he had for Power Rangers and wanted us to create 4 seconds 4k animation and 8k render for the temple, he sent us a model that contained over 31 million polygons and wanted it to be fixed and optimized, However, we thought it would take longer time to fix existing polygons, so we agreed to model the temple from scratch to avoid wasting time.
What we did
We started by creating the model of the castle according to the reference.
Our next step which we are working on now is creating the environment around the temple, which will be a mountain where the temple is on the top, it goes without saying that this is one of the most important steps in any project, so it would give it a life-like feeling and make it visually appealing.
Ongoing Process
After finishing the environment, we will make the 4 seconds animation flythrough, then the final step would be the 8k render images of the temple.

The client is pleased with our work so far, and our goal is to give him the result and quality he expects.
Stay tuned and check for updates so you would see the final results yourself when the project is completely finished.

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