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Product Designs
Product design combine both creative and technical expertise and play a critical role in product development projects. It can take your project from concept through industrial design, detail engineering, and prototyping.
"It's very easy to make something that is new. So we are trying to make things that are better."
— Project Manager: Alex Tenichenko
Your Happiness Is Our Goal
A satisfied client is a happy client, a happy client is a permanent client.
We are a leading firm by delivering high quality and splendid service to our clients every single day.
Our team has over 14 years of experience combined in the field, there's nothing we haven't seen, so we love challenges.
You birthday is a special day, we enjoy giving our members gifts on their special day to remind you how you are important to us.
Communication is the key of all success, we make sure to be online ready to answer your requests or questions 24/7.
A fresh design is the easiest way to reenergize a product.
How it works
Your Requests
Knowing the details of your project before starting is a very important step to make sure we create what you want.
Contract & Briefing
After understanding your requests we have a fast call to go through the small details of your project to create a high quality job.
Drafts, Sketching
After we capture the main concept of your project we start working on the drafts and the sketching of the project as a first step of the design.
Production (Modeling, visualization, animation, etc.)
After the sketch is accepted we start working on the 3D Modeling and visualizations of your project to bring to life your vision as you imagine it.
Preview & Edits
After the main concept of the project is made we agree on the design and coloring we move to the preview after the mapping and shading to show a more realistic picture of the design.
After all the details have been agreed upon we start rendering the project and get the final results.
After we go through all the steps of the pipeline and you agree upon all the details we sending you the final product and source files.
The Turnaround
We all know how turnarounds are a very sensitive part of any job, so we try to clarify the needs of the client from the beginning of the project before we start working on it to make sure to deliver the required designed before the deadline, so it's very important to understand from the beginning how long your project approximately will take to make sure you and us achieve a satisfactory experience.

Our international, professional team of designers, animators and managers is a team you can rely on to deliver the highest quality content you've been looking for a very money saving manner. We specialize in many spheres of the design and animation, such as product design, architecture, 3d character and design, animation and more.

For Animation we have the amazing Vlad who has more than 6 years of experience in character and objects design and animation for a super quality rendering for your games or for your animated films.
tFor product design, the talented Andrei of 12 years of experience in his career, a masters degree and hundreds of successful projects. He can create any product needed for your business from a pencil to an airplane with very high details and super realistic design.

For Architecture, The super talented Anna of 14 years of experience in remodeling houses, CAD, house planning from scratch and more.. she can transform a simple idea of your dream house or a remodeled kitchen to a real life design to bring it to life.

We here are a team and we'd like to invite you to be a part of our world, and make your imagination a reality
Svaiy art a team you can rely on
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Product Design
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