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Casual Clothing Designs
We usually give these types of projects for the most fashionistas in our company to make sure the details are as detailed and perfected as it can be.
Basic White Shirt
A basic white shirt can be a very different in forms and we have have experiences with many different companies that prefer short or a medium collar.
We will be able to create for you the most accurate designs that are possible.

All art connects in a point and that point is the one most appreciated by the viewer

Basic gabardine pants
Pants are more complicated than shirts to create, they contain more details in the angles and design.
To create a perfect pair of pants you need a very keen eyes for the smallest details that can change its look.
Final Designs
On the right you can see some of our basic human clothing designs that we created in approximately 3 days, as you can notice they are nearly impossible to compare between our designs and real life ones.
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