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Main idea to create a jewelry like the pineapple skull was to hold a real skull and a real pineapple and try to combine both of them in our head.

It looks like a golden fruit ring on the finger.
Real pineapple
We used this reference as the main idea of what we should create.
Actually we had no idea how to make the skull and pineaple from the beginning. But It looks so fun that inspiration just come to us in one morning.
A lot of pineapples was eaten.

The secret of nice looking jewelry is lighting

Concept and draft
To prepare the ring firstly we need make a CAD draft.
It is a very important part of the job. When you have an idea and the right draft you can create anything.
High quality rendering is a very big part of the job. But inspiration and mathematics are the most important.

Like real-life final result
Actually, the main idea of rendering is to make highest quality picture possible that would look as realistic as possible.
The point here is to manipulate the colors, materials and lighting as well.
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