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The Jump Rope

Here you can see the Jump Rope, it was a very interesting project and it brought a great success to its company in the past year and it was created in roughly 4 days.
Hyper-realistic Design

We make sure to sketch the project 2 or 3 times before working on the modeling and share it with you to make sure we capture every detail you seek in the design to portrait your imagined model to life.

Our goal is to impress you

The most important step to generate the design you are seeking to life by manipulating specific verts and polygons to create the model imagined followed by the UV Mapping to add up to the tiniest details for a super realistic view.
Final Results
After many hours of hard work and dedication we render the designs approved by you to the final form or the way you'll be presenting it.

You can see detailed final results of Jump Ropes on the left.
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