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Sculpturing is one of the oldest methods of art known to man but still a very famous and appreciated form of art up to this day.
Sculpturing depends a lot on the concentration of facial expressions and textures.
Depending if either the sculpturing is based on a real life picture or a sketched character like you see on the right.

Learning our history is like looking through a keyhole to our future

As you can see at the picture on the right the sculpture of Martin Luther K. looks very realistic for a real life sculpture or a video / game render.
The trick is in the UV Mapping and Texturing and Shading to make the model seems as realistic as possible.
Final Results
Our company created over 200 sculptures in the past year, sculptures are basically the most important part for a hyper-realistic character design and it needs a very keen eye and attention to the smallest details to come up with a final result like you can see in the collage on the right.
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